My name is Shawn McBee. I'm an Atlanta resident working in the Film & TV industry as a graphic artist. If you're interested in that, my professional site is here.


What I do when I'm not working on films, is make and collect prop replicas. It is the thing I spend both too much time AND too much money on. And it's how I became involved in working in the film industry in the first place.

I've been actively collecting replicas since about the year 2000, when I bought a Green Lantern Power Battery and, later that year, commissioned a custom whangee cane walking stick modeled after the exact dimensions of the one used by Charlie Chaplin's Tramp character.


Though I would pick up the occasional item here and there, I didn't get the prop bug full force until about 2007, when I got into Doctor Who and set out to find the perfect Sonic Screwdriver. I joined some prop forums and made friends with some like-minded folks and ended up finding that I loved the challenge of making a perfect replica. And, when I could, making it better than anyone previously had done.


Since starting this site, I've had the pleasure of being able to replicate several props that no one else has quite managed to match, from properties such as Warehouse 13, Constantine, The Dark Knight and even a piece of Beatles memorabilia. That said, my skills are nothing compared to a lot of very talented people I know and "The Propsmith" is more an aspiration than a statement. I strive for perfection and won't accept anything less from myself.


Because "Good enough" is never good enough.

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